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BBQ Tools


Cutlery - A good set of knives is a must have for any BBQ.

Stainless Steel Spatula - This tool will turn your meat and not catch fire in the process.

Wire Brush – You will need a wire brush so that you can clean off the grill before and after each use. This will help clean the grates of the dried food and juices.

Tongs - These are always a must around the Magee household. The long wooden and metal tongs work best. They are easy to use and are spring loaded.

Cups – These are for the olive oil or sauces that coat the meat.

Platter - To hold the precious meat that is going to be eaten.

Brushes – It's a good idea to have a couple of brushes on hand. You can buy these as pastry, basting or paintbrushes. Like a paint brush you will use these to coat your meat.

Mitts - Fireproof grilling mitts will let you pick up the hot stuff as well as flaming meat without catching on fire.

Thermometer – It is always good to have a meat thermometer. These come in many forms these days such as regular thermometers to wireless digital meat thermometers. BBQ Fork Thermometer seem to be the easiest to use. (HINT: Regardless of which type you get you should test your thermometer. One way is Ice Water Method - Fill a large glass with finely crushed ice. Add clean water to the top of the ice and stir well. Immerse the thermometer stem a minimum of 2 inches into the mixture. The thermometer should read 32 degrees F after 30 seconds.)